Events at Braunschweigerstr. 66

The Berlin Book Nook at Braunschweigerstrrasse 66 has lots of cosy seating and is perfect for evening events. In addition to the occasional one-off, we host five regular week-day events. Basic refreshments (mineral water, salty sticks, the occasional peanut) are provided. There are a couple of Spätkaufs (corner shops) close by on Braunschweigerstrasse if want to bring something else along for yourself (like a bottle of beer) or to share (like a bottle of wine). There's also a Penny supermarket round the corner on Richardstrasse (cheaper for wine). We have plenty of glasses.

Events start at a little after 8.30pm. Try not to be late for the quiz!

Mondays: "SCRABBLE, ETC"

By "etc" we mean other board games (e.g. chess), and perhaps some parlour games (e.g. charades). In English, of course. Scrabble is normally the focal point.


JOLLY GERMAN CHATTER IN A COSY SETTING. Aimed primarily at B2+, but all welcome. If you move in largely anglophone (or non-germanophone) circles in the German capital and want to pay occasional linguistic tribute to the host culture, have a side to you that is best expressed auf deutsch, oder simply want to improve your spoken German, then tonight at The Berlin Book Nook (Braunschweigerstr. 66) might be just right for you. An element of language exchange/ tandem (English+German, English+another language, German+another language) is also possible.


On the night we'll select something to read together. Depending on group size, preferences and availability, this might be a (shortish) play (with speaking parts distributed amongst those present), a longer poem or some shorter poems, or even a short story. Or a mix. Lively discussion to follow, possibly. Reading is always rewarding but needn't always be solitary, so if you're looking for something more communal from which you'll emerge that little bit more cultivated, Closer Reading could be for you. Examples of what we've read so far: The Adventure of a Reader (Italo Calvino), Fern Hill (Dylan Thomas), Dover Beach (Matthew Arnold). Sometimes we read a piece of non-fiction (e.g. an Orwell essay). There is no need to prepare for the event by reading some weighty tome. Whatever we read, we discover - or rediscover - together on the night. For short stories and essays, one of us reads it out and the others listen. There may be time to read something one of us has written, too.


THE BERLIN BOOK NOOK QUIZ. This is a real highlight - currently the best-attended event. In addition to an exquisitely-crafted 20 questions on all matters literary, expect 10 real crowd-pleasers from a rotating guest discipline (philosophy, history, art, etc). For an unbeatable mix of titillating erudition and unabashed conviviality, "Literary Questions" is the not to be missed.

1st and 3rd Friday of the month: "KLUBNACHT - THE ANTIDOTE"

KLUBNACHT - THE ANTIDOTE is both a tribute to and a refuge from the big Berlin night out. This is how our KLUBNACHT works:

- subdued central lighting, good local lighting for reading
- no talking, no dancing. Just reading, writing, thinking.
- bring your own drink/snacks along to share
- From 9pm and deep into the night
- If you get into one of our books, please consider buying it: this is how we fund our operation!

2nd and 4th (and 5th) Friday of the month: "TRANSFOR(U)M - WONDERFUL SALON"

An largely unstructured evening of high-, mid-, and low-brow fun! Come as you are or wish to be! All welcome. We're Queer Here!